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Weight Loss Specialist

Piya Ghoshal, MD

Internal Medicine located in West Islip, NY & Amityville, NY

More than 60% of adults in New York are overweight or obese. Carrying extra body weight increases your risk of chronic health conditions, such as hypertension and diabetes. Board-certified internal medicine physician Piya Ghoshal, MD, with offices in Amityville and West Islip, New York, offers a physician-supervised weight-loss program to help you lose the weight and improve your overall health and wellness. To schedule a consultation to learn about the weight-loss program, call Piya Ghoshal MD PC today to book an appointment.

Weight Loss

What is a physician-supervised weight loss plan?

Overweight and obesity are medical issues that require medical management. Although there are many commercial weight-loss plans you can follow to help you lose weight, none of these plans takes you or your health into consideration.

Dr. Ghoshal’s physician-supervised weight-loss plan is designed specifically for you and takes into account your medical history, body composition, and lifestyle. Plus, she provides you with the expert guidance you need while following the weight-loss plan to help you stay on track and make the necessary changes to help you keep the weight off.

What type of diet do I follow to lose weight?

Dr. Ghoshal creates a diet plan specifically for you based on your weight-loss goals, food preferences, and lifestyle. Her plan includes a variety of healthy foods from all the food groups to help satisfy both your taste buds and appetite.

To lose weight, you need to create a negative calorie balance, so your body is burning more calories than you consume, which is why your diet plays such an essential role in your weight-loss efforts. In addition to helping you make modifications to what you eat, Dr. Ghoshal may also provide you with an exercise program that fits your fitness level to help you burn more calories to support your weight loss. Your exercise program may also help you keep the weight off.

What should I know about weight-loss medication?

If weight loss were easy, then obesity wouldn’t be an epidemic. Sometimes, weight-loss medication may be recommended to help you drop the weight. These types of medications work by either preventing you from absorbing calories or helping you feel full faster, so you eat less.

You may benefit from weight-loss medications if you’re struggling to lose the weight with your diet plan or you have underlying health conditions that would benefit from weight loss. Dr. Ghoshal can discuss weight-loss medications with you when you come in for your weight-loss consultation.

You don’t have to lose weight on your own. To get the medical support you need to get to a healthier weight, call Piya Ghoshal MD PC today to request an appointment.